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喻界知行  Journey of Cross

The creations are mainly made of silk cloth as the canvas, and Chinese painting techniques and wash brushwork are used. Interactions between flowers and insects in describing the transformation of the 24 solar terms in China.

Jo-Ling Chang's Artwork  2015- 2018


張若琳 0922_36610_洗相片用.jpg
張若琳 0922_36609_洗相片用.jpg
張若琳 0922_36606_洗相片用.jpg
張若琳 0922_36607_洗相片用.jpg
張若琳 0922_36604_洗相片用.jpg
張若琳 0907_35801_洗相片用.jpg
張若琳 0907_35800_洗相片用.jpg
張若琳 0922_36608_洗相片用.jpg
張若琳 0922_36622_洗相片用.jpg
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